Kviq - Terms - X-mas gift 2020

  1. Text messages
    Kviq sends out text messages for free to the Customer. By Customer we mean companies with a valid corporate identity number in Norway.
  2. Time period
    The offer is valid from 21 Dec to 31 Dec 2020
  3. Abuse and content control
    Dispatch can only be a nice Christmas greeting, not an offer or sale of any kind
  4. Sender
    The sender becomes the company name or equivalent
  5. Distribution of responsibilities
    Kviq reserves the right to reject all inquiries for no reason
  6. Amount
    The number of SMS messages that can be sent out per Customer is limited to 1000 messages
  7. Guarantee
    Kviq guarantees a pleasant experience for both the Customer and those who receive text messages
  8. Privacy Policy Statement
    • We do not collect, store or process any personal data except for data in direct connection with the business purpose of Kviq AS.
    • The personal data we store comprises by maximum: name, email address, telephone numbers and business address. We do not collect, process or store any other or special categories of personal data.
    • Our main sources of personal data are
    • business cards with contact details given to us by the business card holder at meetings or events
    • contact details provided by partners and clients for fulfilling our contractual duties
    • personal data sent to us in applications for job vacancies at Kviq AS
    • data you provide us when visiting our website and using our contact form.
    • We minimize the personal data we work with.
    • All personal data we store is deleted when the business purpose ceases to exist
    • You have at any time the right to ask us if and if yes which of your personal data we store and we will provide you with the data.
Version 1.0 – 2020 december 21